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Button necklace, button pendant

Button necklace, button pendant

At Yumilab, we design, mold and finish our exclusive models by hand in Barcelona.

A necklace with a button pendant in ceramic resin. Original and trendy, it will be an ideal gift to wear or to give.

The imitation suede cord measures 40 cm. Exists in 5 colors; black, brown, blue, olive green, burgundy. It has an additional 5 cm silver color chain to adjust the size of the necklace.

The button is braided with the cord-

The pendant measures approximately 3.0 cm x 3.0 cm x 0.8 cm and exists in 16 colors (White, Gray, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow, Siena, Rusty Red, Chocolate, Green, Green Olive, Pink, Lilac, Violet, Salmon).

The pendant is finished by hand, so each one has a unique design!