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Panot checkers game, Play with Yumilab

Panot checkers game, Play with Yumilab

A plastic-free travel checkers game with the Barcelona flower, the Panot, on its pawns! Choose your Panot colors and start the game! The checkertray is printed on a cotton bag, which is eco-friendly and very convenient to take it with you and play everywhere!

The tray is printed on the back of the storage bag! It allows you to easily slip it into a suitcase or backpack to go on vacation or to the beach.

Each player has their own cotton storage bag with drawstring for their 12 pawns. The bag is decorated with the Panot. This Barcelona cobblestone flower can be found on many sidewalks in the city and this game will be a lovely souvenir from the city, a gift from Barcelona to take anywhere. Each Panot Pawn measures 2.75cm x 2.75cm for 5mm thickness. Panot pawns are available in 15 colors, it's up to you to choose your color and your opponent can choose his; white, black, yellow, pink, blue, sienna, lilac, gray, green, olive green, salmon, rusty red, violet, turquoise, chocolate. There are 3 finishes available for the pawns; natural, golden-metal, silvered metal.

Each game is handmade, 100% in Spain. It has a unique design!