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Panot openwork night light, with or without LED

Panot openwork night light, with or without LED

At Yumilab, we design, mold and finish our exclusive models by hand in Barcelona.

Openwork night light Panot, with or without LED

This night light can be placed on a wall (it has 2 spaces behind it to hang it) or on a table to decorate.

The night light wears the famous Barcelona flower on her front (openwork). This pavement flower is on many sidewalks of the city, and it will be a nice souvenir of your visit, a gift from Barcelona or a nice detail to decorate an event.

It is made of ceramic resin and measures 10.0 cm x 8.7 cm x 5.0 cm.

It exists in 12 colors; white, blue, pink, salmon, yellow, sienna, lilac, gray, green, olive green, rusty red, purple.

2 types of finishes available; natural or with epoxy resin.