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2 Decorative flexible rubber sleeves for tubes

2 Decorative flexible rubber sleeves for tubes

At Yumilab, we design, mold and finish our exclusive models by hand.

2 Decorative flexible rubber sleeves for tubes.

The 9-centimeter sleeve has a thickness of 7 mm and is made of flexible rubber to decorate any tube up to 3.5 cm in diameter. It is decorated with 3 panots (the famous flower of Barcelona) in relief (inwards). This flower tile appears on many sidewalks of the city, it will be a good memory of your visit, a gift from Barcelona or a decoration for a bicycle, a scooter, or every other cylinder object.

It is easily held thanks to its "clip" opening on the side and its elasticity.

It is made of soft polyurethane rubber and comes in 12 colors (white, yellow, red, blue, from it, lilac, black, green, olive green, salmon, rusty red, violet).

For large quantities, the size of the decorative sleeve is also customizable according to your needs. Contact us in this case at