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Cubic pot souvenir of Barcelona in ceramic resin

Cubic pot souvenir of Barcelona in ceramic resin

At Yumilab, we design, mold and finish our exclusive models by hand.

Cubic souvenir vase of Barcelona in ceramic resin.

This pot is a vase but can also be a storage poy or a pen box,

It hase the famous flower of Barcelona (Panot) in relief (2 faces on the outside and 2 faces inside the pot). This pavement flower is on many sidewalks of the city. It will be a beautiful souvenir of your visit, an ideal gift from Barcelona or a nice detail to decorate the tables of an event, a wedding.

It is made of ceramic resin and exists in 13 colors; white, blue, pink, salmon, yellow, sienna, lilac, light gray, dark gray, green, olive green, oxidized red, violet. It measures 7.0 cm x 7.0 cm x 7.0 cm
He has a protective felt on his underside.

2 types of finish: natural or with epoxy resin