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    Because Barcelona inspires, we translate what we feel in its streets, what we see of our city in decorative objects to always remember how beautiful it is.

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Necklace with a monkey fist pendant, sea, sailor, maritime, sail, marine deco, wedding, hen party, sailing gift

Necklace with a monkey fist pendant,...


Necklace monkey fist knot with a choice of 12 colors for the pendant

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Cubic Pot Paris cobblestones

Cubic Pot Paris cobblestones


This drawing of Parisian pavement will be a beautiful memory of your visit, a gift from the city of light or a table decoration for an event.

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Paris, your pavement under the rain

Paris, your pavement under the rain


Paris, city of light, city of love, it's so hard to leave you and so good to return to you.

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Mini pot Yumilo with ogival shape, decoration, interiors, mini vase, table decoration, events, mothers day, valentine's day, hen party, wedding gift,

Mini pot Yumilo with ogival shape,...


Mini pot "Yumilo" with ogival shape for mini potted plants. It will be a nice detail for a table decoration, an interior or a gift.

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